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The exhibition “Education and career in the field of AML/CFT” was held at KNU


On October 25, 2023 the exhibition “Education and Career in the field of AML/CFT” was held at the Large Conference Hall of the main building. It was organized by the International Network Institute (INI) and the International Educational and Methodological Center for Financial Monitoring (IEMCFM). The organizers and visitors of the exhibition were welcomed by the Chairman of the State Service on Financial Intelligence department under the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic Kanat Asangulov, the Rector of KNU Tolobek Abdyrakhmanov, the First Deputy General Director of the International Educational and Methodological Center for Financial Monitoring Oleg Ivanov, and Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University Mukash Israilov.

Further, the following presentations were made in sessions in the framework of the exhibition:

Lecture hall (room 248)

• Elizaveta Kazakova (MEPI, Moscow): “Career prospects for a graduate in the field of financial security. Experience of MEPI”

• Anna Bulaeva (IEMCFM, Moscow): “AML/CFT specialist: an interesting and in-demand job”

• Cholpon Nuralieva (KRSU, Bishkek): “The national AML/CFT system in ensuring the economic security of the country”

• Nursulu Kozhonazarova (SSFI, Bishkek) – winner of the II International Olympiad on Financial Security.

 “Master class” hall (room 247)

• Ainazik Mamaeva (KRSU, Bishkek) – winner of the III International Olympiad on financial security at Sirius, Russian Federation – shared her personal experience of participating in the Olympiad

• Roman Dronov (SPbSUE, St. Petersburg): “Transformation of professional competencies of an economic security specialist in the context of digitalization”

• Olga Nadezhina, Valentina Kravchenko (SPbPU): “Green economy in the context of economic security”

• Nikolay Morozov (MEPI, Moscow): “Cyber security: risks of professional activity”

• Roza Sekieva (KNU named after J. Balasagyn, Bishkek): “The demand for a specialist in economic security in the labor market of the Kyrgyz Republic.”

 “Graphus” hall (room 145)

• Olesya Trishina (IEMCFM): “Game-based training simulator “Graphus” - session for 4 teams of up to 10 people”

• Summing up, presenting diplomas and prizes to the best team in the game “Graphus”

• Summing up, presenting a certificate of completion of training for the course: “Introduction into the educational process of the training system for conducting financial investigations in the field of AML/CFT “Graphus”.












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